Other new ideas

New tea package elements

  • more handy and useful for people

New shoes parts and new goods idea

  • increases shoes lifetime
  • some ventilation ideas (especially for military)
  • new goods (shoes) type

New Jewellery construction and business model

  • buying process becomes more interesting and creative
  • seriously reduces amount of shop stored metal and stones (gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. - its all are huge capital investments)



Bike enegry recuperation system

  • stores energy of breaking
  • can be installed on any bike

New type of bike tires

  • tire is good for several types of road (asphalt road, cross-country, mud)
  • better blowout proof


New bullet-proof armoured glass

  • lighter
  • more strong


Marine vessel alternative power system

  • gets energy as addition to solar system for example


New computer CPU & RAM construction

  • improves heat exchange
  • reduces signals lost

Undetectable listening device

  • undetectable by modern electronic search systems

Software ideas


GUI ideas



New type of high speed projectile

  • pierces armored objects on speed of 2000-4000 meters per second

Low cost electromagnetic gun with high speed ammo

  • pierces through armour
  • silent



Third-party ideas

New type of sail construction 

  • simplifies yacht cosntruction
  • is more handy